Allow Groton citizens to vote on budgets

Groton RTM member John ("Jack") Sebastian from District 8 has requested the Town Council to include an item in the November election. He suggests Groton taxpayers be able to vote on a charter change that, if approved, would allow them to vote on future proposed town budgets. This is an excellent idea. It would eliminate any need to create citizen petitions.

Mr. Sebastian included figures from a Groton Grand Levy history which he reviewed with Groton Finance Director Sal Pandolfo. These figures clearly show that, since 2000, the town has collected more than $80 million above the inflation level from taxpayers, using the present council and RTM approval system.

There is obviously only one way to cut budgets in any meaningful capacity. The final budget approval needs to rest with the citizens of Groton and not just the council or RTM. Both Stonington and North Stonington citizens are able to do this. It is time we do it in Groton. This move is long overdue.

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