McMahon's belated payback transparent

Republican Senate candidate Linda McMahon's bragged about her bankruptcy to make her appear like the rest of us. Then The Day disclosed she stiffed 26 creditors a million dollars.

How? By using a government program called bankruptcy. She maligns the "47 percent" of us who benefit from programs such as the laws that provide elders basic living (Social Security) and helps them with medical bills (Medicare) or that provide children basic nutrition (WIC) or help working families (Child Care Credit). So who's the real "welfare" mom?

Then she has the audacity to complain that her opponent, Chris Murphy, had problems paying his mortgage a few years ago. Well, Linda, Chris took care of that long before you brought it to our attention. He didn't stiff anyone.

Now you are going to try to locate the 26 creditors and pay them back? Why? Only because you got caught.

Do you really expect the voters in Connecticut to take you seriously? Most of Connecticut will see right through you. The majority of citizens of Connecticut will vote for Chris, who will stand up for them.

Thanks for the good investigative reporting. Now follow up and find out where she got (or hid) her re-start money.

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