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Remember how Romney feels about 'unwashed'

I respond to the Oct. 2 letter, "Romney was right, dump the parasites." While it is easy to make broad, sweeping statements about what to do with those who don't pay taxes and use entitlement programs the individual cases are more complicated. Many disabled veterans don't pay taxes and receive benefits as a result of their injuries, should we cut them off? How about seniors on Social Security who worked all of their lives and now pay no taxes as a result of a small income. Should we cut them off?

What the writer spouts off is the logic of the two trust-fund babies who seek to run the country. Both are multi-millionaires who never sat at a kicthen table wringing their hands trying to figure out how to get by for another month. If the extreme right were to put out a truthful position it would be, "We are against any entitlement program that we don't get." I live payday to payday and pay a higher tax rate than Romney or Ryan. We can't get an answer on which deductions they will cut. I am sure it won't be any that touch them or their wealthy contributors. Romney has been honest with us once. That was in Boca when he told the fat cats how he feels about the unwashed.

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