Moukawsher has poor environmental record

State Rep. Ted Moukawsher is running for the 40th House District, representing the towns of Groton and Ledyard. This is the first time this Democrat has had a serious challenge since 2004. People should know his record is clearly out of sync with his constituents' core environmental values.

According to the Connecticut League of Conservation Voter's 2012 Environmental Scorecard, based on a possible 100 percent rating, Moukawsher earned the lowest of all Democratic legislators on the Environment Committee: 69 percent. He received this score by voting against legislation to require labeling of genetically modified foods, against allowing municipalities to adopt stricter pesticide regulations, and against establishing a critical water conservation initiative. This pattern of anti-environment voting is no anomaly. In the last three years, he scored a 50 percent, 47 percent, and 60 percent, and has earned a staggeringly low lifetime score of 67 percent.

Senators representing the same towns as Moukawsher have an average 2012 score of 95 percent. The House districts neighboring Moukawsher's district also elect more environmentally responsible candidates. The average 2012 score for members of the House from these towns was 90 percent.

Ted Moukawsher's constituents in Ledyard and Groton should email Rep. Moukawsher at, and tell him they expect a better environmental record.

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