Please don't buy what McMahon is selling

The letter "Women have their own ideas about McMahon, Murphy," (Oct. 1) quoted a Groton Democratic woman who is feeling uneasy about supporting Congressman Chris Murphy because of Linda McMahon's attack ads.

How sad. Even though voters say they're sick of them, false attack ads seem to work.

What I want to say to this woman is: Those ads are all lies! It's sickening that nothing stops McMahon from spending mega-millions to tell lies about a good congressman. Has she no sense of decency?

Congressman Chris Murphy has a 97 percent attendance record for floor votes in Congress. Surprised? McMahon knows this, but would have you believe otherwise. She's deceiving you by referring to public hearings of committees and subcommittees as if they are Congress. Nonsense. Public hearings are neither committee meetings or meetings of Congress. All congressmen miss many of these hearings. Ask any of them. They'll tell you.

Congressman Murphy has a distinguished record of voting to protect middle-class working families, Medicare and Social Security. Together, he and Rep. Joe Courtney have successfully fought to preserve jobs at EB. To suggest otherwise is outrageous.

Vote for decency and integrity. Elect Chris Murphy for U.S. Senate.

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