Shoreline Roller Derby Crowns Champion

MVP's Bitta Pill (left) and Jonestown Massacre (right).
MVP's Bitta Pill (left) and Jonestown Massacre (right).

Shoreline Roller Derby held its final home bout of the season on October 7th at Galaxy Roller Rink. The Silver Dolphins presented the colors while Shoreline’s own FunSize Fury delivered a beautiful rendition of the National Anthem. Then, it was time for the season finale double-header.

The first bout of the evening, the Home Team Championship, featured the same matchup from the first home bout of the season, the Underskated Knockouts versus the Steam Queens. The Knockouts soundly defeated the Steam Queens in their previous meeting, and came into the championship bout undefeated at 2-0, while the Steam Queens‘ regular season record was 1-1.

The bout got off to a slow start, with the score tied at 6 after the first two jams. The Steam Queens then jumped out to a 15 point lead in the bout’s first power jam, and despite the best efforts of the Knockouts, the Steam Queens never looked back. The championship featured frequent jammer on jammer blocking, an aspect of the game that was not much of a factor in the earlier home bouts.

Both teams presented a strong defensive game. The Steam Queens formed formidable walls with Jonestown Massacre, N’Duce N’ Agony and G.I. Jos. MizHell Mayslam and D’Amanda Quadshot each landed several effective hits and blocks. The Knockouts’ defense varied throughout the bout. In addition to the use of blocker walls, the Knockouts made use of train blocks with Sass E. Smaxx, Betty Schnockered and FunSize Fury and single-player ride blocking to knock the Steam Queens’ jammers out of play. Unfortunately for the Knockouts, the consistently effective jamming by Death Rochelle, Squeaky Van Hurtin’ and Bitta Pill was not enough to overcome the lead established by the Steam Queens’ jammers, Painya Collida, Toni Montana and Cinda Rebel.

At the final whistle, the Steam Queens prevailed as the 2012 Home Team Champions, 165-134.

After presentation of the championship trophy to the Steam Queens and MVP trophies to Bitta Pill of the Knockouts, who skated in her final bout, and Jonestown Massacre, Captain of the Steam Queens, the crowd was treated to an expo bout featuring Shoreline’s 2012 rookies in a Superheroes vs. Villains themed bout.

The rookies shined in the expo bout, showing just how much they have progressed since joining the league in January and February of this year. Shocka Swan and Katniss Everspeed of the Superheroes and Kristi Slamahoochi and Scrumdog Millionaire from the Villains performed valiantly as jammers throughout the expo bout; while Loretta Sinn, Oh Mel Yeah, Brickhouse Brawler and Dolly Decapatator made their mark as blockers. In the end, the Superheroes saved the day, winning the expo bout 119-63.

Shoreline’s BellaDonnas will skate against the Yankee Brutals of the Connecticut Roller Girls on October 14, 2012, prior to the CT Death Quads bout. The Salty Broads will travel to Long Island on November 17, 2012, to skate in a rematch of Shoreline’s first bout against Strong Island Roller Derby.

On October 13th, Shoreline will hold its second annual Halloween party, the Monster Mash Derby Bash, at Christopher’s Cafe in Groton, CT starting at 8:00 p.m. Tickets are just $8.00. Live music will be provided by Estrogen & Tonic and Sourpunch.

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