Romney presidency would divide nation

All in the Family's Archie Bunker longs for the days when "everybody pulls his weight." The refrain represents the many millions of us who cherish the work ethic and view it as a measure of character. With this measure in mind we scrutinize each other, and when it comes to detecting sloth we are all Sherlock Holmes. No wonder political candidates, when flattering their audiences, call them "hardworking" as often as possible. But the work ethic as we apply it can be dangerous. At present, millions are idle, while at the same time, we quarrel over the distribution of our wealth - over who gets how much and why. Suspicion multiplies the number of imagined freeloaders.

In his words to his wealthy supporters in Boca Raton, Mitt Romney gathered all of our suspicion and hostility and hurled it at nearly half of the American people. This was a comfortable talk to a cozy in-group, and Romney could not have been more candid if he had been on a psychiatrist's couch. At last, the inner Mitt Romney!

Consider the impact of Romney's policies if he is elected: two hostile blocks, one proudly respectable, the other resentfully unrespected. I know of no better way to weaken and paralyze America. Please don't vote for Romney.

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