Long-distance debate view on Day livestream

The Day and the Garde Arts Center and all organizers and sponsors provided an excellent Senate debate Monday, live-streamed on theday.com and a welcome insight into the personalities and the issues.

Unfortunately the audience was occupied by pro-McMahon "forces" who would not take no for an answer when it came to paying respect. The frequent interruptions were typical of the ringside entertainment industry that Linda McMahon represents.

A lifelong Republican, I am going to vote according to record and results, not promises. That means Mrs. McMahon will have to do without my vote. I'm not one of those waiting by the ringside to see who smashes whom, but am a voter who expects a straight story from candidates. Chris Murphy tried to provide one today and his efforts faced orchestrated catcalling.

While not seeing eye to eye with Murphy or his predecessor Joe Lieberman on many issues, including U.S. foreign policy and our so-called "sacred ally" nonsense, I do believe that for the people of Connecticut this year, and over the next six years, Murphy is the wiser of the two choices. His record speaks for itself and does not become diminished by misquotes and verbal alterations by a powerful lobbyist in her own right, Linda McMahon.

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