Books for children - Oct. 28

Nonfiction books don't have to be dull and uninviting, although many fit this bill. There are countless nonfiction books that are fascinating and provide readers with loads of information, presented in a fast-paced, lively fashion, and that's the key to getting kids interested in nonfiction.


The following book is available at public libraries.

"Children of the Great Depression" by Russell Freedman, photos by various photographers, Clarion Books, 118 pages

Read aloud: age 9, 10 and older

Read yourself: age 10, 11 and older

Drawing on first-hand accounts, letters, diaries and memoirs, Russell Freedman takes the Great Depression and recreates it in an accessible, fast-paced way for older children.

During the Great Depression, people all over the country suffered. Countless families didn't have adequate food or shelter, and many children didn't attend school because they had to work.

Masterfully written and supported by extraordinary photographs, this book sensitively depicts this catastrophic chapter in our nation's history.


Library: Public Library of New London, 63 Huntington St., New London

Library Director: Suzanne Maryeski

Head of Youth Services: Cris Staubach

Choices this week: "Round Robin" by Jack Kent; "Tree in the Woods" by Christopher Manson; "Ellen and the Goldfish" by John Himmelman


"Nic Bishop Snakes" by Nic Bishop, Scholastic Nonfiction, 2012, 48 pages, $17.99 hardcover

Read aloud: age 6, 7 and older

Read yourself: age 8, 9 and older

Prepare to be amazed by the fascinating information and stunning photographs that Nic Bishop has included in this incredible book on snakes.

"Nic Bishop Snakes" explores the lives of snakes from the biggest to the smallest. From the first page to the last, kids will be entranced by this book on these amazing predators.

"Scholastic discover more: Bugs" by Penelope Arlon and Tony Gordon-Harris, photos various credits, Scholastic, 2012, 80 pages, $12.99 paper over board

Read aloud: age 4, 5 and older

Read yourself: age 8 and older

This astonishing book is certain to entertain while it educates readers/listeners on the awesome, sometimes creepy kinds of bugs, their behaviors and the vast number of bugs that inhabit our planet. Fantastic photos show hundreds of bugs extra-close-up and the information is guaranteed to astound. Download the digital companion book where you can discover even more.


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