Local military fares well during hurricane

Local military installations and ships fared well during the hurricane.

The U.S. Coast Guard Academy in New London did not lose power. The field and three buildings on the waterfront flooded with up to 18 inches of water, said Capt. Eric C. Jones, assistant superintendent, but that was expected and the academy had prepared for it.

A water main on the pier for the Coast Guard barque Eagle broke but it was secured quickly, Jones added. Classes resume Wednesday.

The Coast Guard barque Eagle was at the Naval Submarine Base in Groton for maintenance on a mast and stayed there during the storm. It was not damaged.

Capt. Raymond “Wes” Pulver, Eagle’s commanding officer, said three work days were lost because of the hurricane and preparations for it, but he was optimistic the time can be made up so the barque can return to Fort Trumbull before Christmas. He said the base is a “fantastic host” and that “helps keep Eagle safe.” Other local Coast Guard vessels also sought shelter at the base, he added.

The submarine base plans to reopen Wednesday too. Capt. Marc W. Denno, the base commander, said the base “weathered the storm well,” with only a few battered road signs, downed branches and other minor damage. A 9-foot storm surge did top some of the lower piers but the piers where the submarines were moored stayed dry, Denno added.

Electric Boat’s facilities in Groton and New London also did not lose power and employees returned to work Tuesday. Robert Hamilton, company spokesman, said there were only “very minor issues,” including water leaks in some of the buildings and wind damage.


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