Don't forget important 42nd state House race

Much of the attention during this election is with the congressional and senatorial campaigns. However, the election of our 42nd District state representative is very important. Who represents us in Hartford is vital to the future of our community. We have a clear choice this election. Tim Bowles has a proven record serving his community in local government and public agencies. With his years of dedication to improving the lives of working families, Tim will fight for what is important to us in Ledyard - jobs, state aid to towns, educational resources, and our environment.

Tim has a history of standing up for what he believes in, doing what is good for his community and working "across the aisle." He supports the Results Based Accountability program that will make sure that people and agencies are held accountable for getting the job done right and saving the state money.

Tim is the best candidate for state representative and I ask that you vote for him on Nov. 6.

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