City of Groton voters should back changes

On Nov. 6 voters in the City of Groton will have a referendum question on the ballot that asks: "Shall the City Charter be amended as approved by the Council August 6, 2012?"

We believe the answer to this question should be "yes." This revised charter provides a more clearly defined balance of authority and responsibility between the mayor and council. The changes also provide transparency and accountability, and significantly improve readability and clarity.

Language was changed to more clearly define responsibilities, powers and duties of the mayor and the council for a more democratic fiscal process in the preparation of the annual budget.

The new charter also provides for an Ethics Board to hold public officials and city employees more accountable for their actions.

Over the past year a great deal of thought, discussion and effort was put forth by a nine-member bipartisan commission, committed to give the City of Groton a charter that meets the present day needs of the city.

Please visit the City of Groton web page,, or stop by the city clerk's office for a copy of the proposed changes.

Please remember to vote "yes" for charter revision.

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