Washington Post columnist bought Obama lie

The Oct. 18 commentary, "Obama punches back in Round 2," from the Washington Post starts off with a major lie. If a source starts off lying you can't accept that source. Obama's talk in the Rose Garden started with the Benghazi issue saying that religious beliefs should be respected and that senseless acts will not be tolerated. No mention of "terrorist attack" yet.

He thanks Libyans for savings lives at the embassy and then talks about things like visiting a 9/11 memorial and paying tribute to those who died in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Then he says "No act of terror will ever shake the resolve of this great nation" but he didn't directly tie Benghazi to terror.

If you believe he tied "terrorist" to Benghazi then why did he let Susan Rice and Hillary Clinton for days tie the video to Benghazi. Eight days later Jay Carney finally said Benghazi was a terrorist attack, yet Obama goes on the View and mentions the video with Benghazi. Fourteen days later at the UN Obama mentions the video and Benghazi. Why? Because he lies to the American public to hide his failing foreign policy.

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