Osten is a doer, Coutu a stopper

The state's 19th Senatorial District has no incumbent. Both Cathy Osten and Christopher Coutu would like to take over where Edith Prague left off. The question of who is best prepared can be determined by looking at the respective candidates' accomplishments.

First selectman of Sprague for three terms, Cathy Osten serves as a model of efficiency and leadership. Her record of improvements to infrastructure, her advocacy for small businesses and tenacity last year in dealing with the utility companies after the storms says it all.

Mr. Coutu, a state representative since 2008 has, based upon his record, spent most of his time thwarting efforts at progress, voting "no" on the jobs bill. Is that what we can expect if he is elected state senator?

Cathy Osten was endorsed by Edith Prague; Cathy Osten is ready to work for all of us.

Vote for Cathy Osten Nov. 6.

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