Vote wisely, future of Republic at stake

This election is the most critical of my lifetime. Our focus must shift from issues to principles if America is to survive the results.

We will be deciding if this country remains a Republic that follows the Constitution and the Rule of Law. Will we revere our Founding Fathers and teach our young that their accomplishments will be followed or will we drastically alter the course of the only nation in the world that offers the hope of freedom to millions?

What is your core belief about your country? Will you be able to face your children and assure them you have protected their future? Will we still have a United States of America when this battle of capitalism over collectivism is over - because that is the choice. Decades of turning our backs on too many things going wrong have brought us to this.

Please think very carefully before you go to that voting booth. Rely on your intellect not your emotions when you decide. We no longer have the luxury of casting a feel-good vote.

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