The Day arrived as a welcomed friend on that stormy day

Early Tuesday morning, in the wake of "Super Storm" Sandy, I discovered that we, like so many in the region, were without electricity and consequently without radio, television and Internet service - utterly cut off from the world, it seemed.

Half-heartedly shuffling through the flotsam and debris on our walkway and street, I walked out to see whether the newspaper had come - we have two daily newspapers delivered. To my astonishment, The Day was nestled in its box (the other newspaper never arrived).

As my wife and I thumbed through the pages of news, we felt once again connected with our community and the world. And it occurred to me, that while the storm raged throughout that long Monday afternoon and night, there were journalists at The Day working to put a paper out the next day, as they do every day.

I am writing to voice my appreciation and congratulate them for doing their job, and for helping to keep our regional community together.

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