Lester went too far in Oct. 23 cartoon

Whether it be satirical, laugh-at-life, deadpan, slapstick or self-deprecating, humor is an important and necessary quality of our culture. It often lightens life's burdens by bringing us back to earth, regardless of subject matter. Thus, I look forward to the creative cartoons featured daily in The Day and am seldom, if ever, offended by them.

However, the Oct. 23 cartoon by Mike Lester of the Washington Post Writers Group, showing flag-draped coffins being hidden from view by a dressing screen because they were causing President Obama discomfort while having dinner, hit me with a revulsion of incredulous and sickening intensity.

Immediate thoughts were of the effects this hurtful, insensitive and hateful illustration would have on the families of our dead soldiers by blatantly suggesting - with neither humor nor semblance of truth - that President Obama is inconvenienced by and uncaring about the death of our nation's defenders.

Poke fun at him, dislike him, make him appear incompetent, but don't denigrate our country, our warriors and our president with despicable depictions. At best, Mr. Lester, you have degraded the talented cartoonists of America.

My appreciation to The Day for running it. I realize it doesn't reflect your views, yet it was important to be seen.

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