The Day overlooked danger of one-party rule

The Day's recent editorial regarding "Strong Candidates in the 18th District," (Oct. 18), sounded like a tie vote to me. And I disagree that just because a leader is in the majority, he is more influential. One-party rule with veto-proof majorities in both houses, has been an unfortunate disaster for the Connecticut economy. Without the input from the more moderate Republicans, our state has rising unemployment (New London County is at 9.2 percent) and is predicted to be the last state out of the recession.

One-party rule has led to record high taxes, unfunded pensions, and over $40,000 per person in debt. The Day thinks that because the incumbent is in the majority, he deserves the tie-breaker. Lots of people like the Democratic candidate, Andy Maynard. I like Andy, but the truth is, he talks a good game, but votes for the ultra-liberal tax and spend policies. We can't change Hartford until we change the people we send there. And my experience is that compromise and moderation comes when there is balance.

I served in both the majority (1995-1997) and as part of a strong minority in the state Senate. Democrats and Republicans respected each other. Connecticut needs leaders that work together.

The Republican candidate in the race, Theresa Madonna, is such a leader.

Cathy Cook, a Republican, served in the state Senate from 1993-2006, including as chief deputy leader.


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