Seek true information about adoption

U.S. infant adoptions are not all like the media portrays them.

After reading the Oct. 29 article, "From both sides now," about the new Logo channel series "The Baby Wait" and the October Vogue article "The Long Wait," I want to correct the misconceptions about domestic infant adoption that the media continues to portray. As the executive director of CT Adoption & Family Services (CT-AFS) in New London, I can assure you that "false starts" are not as common as described in this article. According to national surveys done by Adoptive Family Magazine, only one-third of parents experience a "false start" (when a birth mother changes her plans). The large majority of waiting parents have a successful adoption within either the first or second match with a birth mother.

Each year, CT-AFS facilitates about 25 successful newborn placements with families throughout Connecticut. Across the country, the waiting period for placement is shorter than ever before, usually less than a year. With November being National Adoption Awareness Month, I want to encourage families to think again about adoption if they ever considered it and were put off by misleading articles. Please see for a wealth of information about this beautiful way to build a family.

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