State police dispatch consolidation bad idea

The proposed consolidation of dispatching services within the State Police should be seriously reconsidered.

The cost savings do not take into account the job performed by the men and women at their respective barracks. Troop E in Montville continues to be ignored by State Police commanders who have failed for the past 20 years to educate the citizens of southeastern Connecticut on the increased activity with relation to the addition of two casinos.

Troop E leads the state in alcohol-related motor vehicle deaths as well as DUI arrests every year. Although obvious to some, the increased deaths and arrests has not received the attention it deserves and the patrol force at Troop E has not changed. It is impossible to become proactive when you are routinely being reactive.

The citizens and the towns served by Troop E deserve better. This consolidation explained as a cost savings is nothing more than a public safety nightmare for the citizens of southeastern Connecticut and for those troopers and local officers who serve these citizens.

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