Back-handed congratulations for President Obama and his 'change'

Congratulations to President Obama on winning four more years. A majority of voters have spoken and told everyone that they want a president with a nice smile, a mediocre record, and no detailed plan for the future; other than raising taxes on the "rich."

America is changing and readers can decide for themselves if this change is good or bad. Many voter's decisions are now based only on what is good for them and not what is good for the country or future generations.

These voters have decided that America should be a place where the people get stuff from the government no matter what the cost.

The majority now wants big unionized government, unlimited spending, welfare for the people and corporations, higher taxes for everyone but themselves, $1 trillion per year deficits, health care for some at the expense of others, and a growing national debt that will turn America into a third-world country. These are the results and promises of the Obama administration.

Many people in the United States are happy with the president's re-election. They are getting what they want and sticking everyone's grandchildren with the bill.

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