America must always pursue the dream

I recently read a passage somewhere that said something to the effect that Americans had grown up and had lost the childish credulity that allowed this great experiment that is America to come into being a couple of hundred years ago; that we had finally come to see the world as it was and adopted a realist perspective; an attitude that recognizes the role of "power" in the world as a reliable crutch for those unable to dream any longer. This is certainly true.

We believe in the power of money, party power (re-election comes first, then we'll govern), the power of distraction, and the power to deceive. What we have forgotten is the power of dreams, belief, and the power of the people to come together and shape the world we know. It is time to remember that we, the people, are what makes this country what it is and that despite what the television ads and empty rhetoric spewing forth these days may say, there lies the fact that we have a lot more in common with each other than we have differences.

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