Day pre-election news was lacking on Libya

As usual when The Day editorial folk try to take the high road they distort the facts. For the first two years of Obama's presidency he had control of both houses of Congress and passed any and all initiatives. In the mid-term elections of 2010 the Republicans gained control of the House and tried to be part of the process offering many, many pieces of legislation, most all of which failed to gain any traction with the Obama crowd. That is not being obstructionist as much as it is a complete refusal by the Democrats to cross the aisle in the pursuit of compromise.

What was really missing in this election cycle was fair and balanced news reporting by The Day. For example, The Day chose to back page the assassination of our ambassador to Libya and the attempt by Obama to mislead the public.

The Day owed their readership the facts which included many conflicting statements by the Obama folks in what will ultimately prove to be incompetent leadership by the commander in chief, which the public should have been aware of before the election, not after.

Editor's Note: Mr. McCarthy is responding to an online-only editorial, "Washington after the election".

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