City of Groton did a great job

After Hurricane Sandy and the elections we pause to consider how government helps us all in vital ways.

In the City of Groton most of us had power back on Tuesday morning, Oct. 30. The Groton Utilities employees did an outstanding job of returning our lights, heat, hot water and computers.

A similar speedy and efficient response occurred last year after Hurricane Irene. We are the envy of towns which must put up with the inefficiency of private utilities.

Also, members of the City of Groton Highway Department rapidly cleared the roads of fallen trees so the linesmen could restore power lines. They also cleaned up our neighborhood by Saturday, Nov. 3, using heavy equipment and private contractors to haul away tons of debris from the sea's invasion.

We who live in the City of Groton are indeed fortunate to have many dedicated and hard-working city employees. This shows government working at its best.

A touch of irony: Mayor Marian Galbraith's home was among the last to regain power.

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