Glorifying need and punishing productivity

Congratulations to President Barack Obama, the corrupt bankrupting unions, the liberal media and to all those voting to preserve their free entitlements.

You voted for Santa Claus, without thought to how Santa would continue to dole out his gifts. Deficit spending, a.k.a. Keynesianism, Obama's economic operating system, suggests that demand, or need, is man's primary virtue to which all else is subject.

However, there is no profit, or added value, in need. It is consumptive, and grows exponentially. The premise that to satisfy need, it will inspire production. However, to finance the spending you must punish the producers, exponentially.

There will therefore be no benefactors, and can be no beneficiaries. It is immoral to punish need, but productivity is not the adversary of need, but its salvation.

Today's prevailing moral philosophy however is to glorify need and punish productivity. This is doubly immoral, and lethal to the human spirit.

I'm sorry but I do not forgive them, for they know exactly what they so destructively do.

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