Obama is leading nation's recovery

The letter "These election results foretell terrible future," (Nov. 8), doesn't make sense.

The East and West coasts and the upper Midwest are not in for a terrible future. Those regions are where the majority of American voters live. They elected President Obama to finish the job he started on January 20, 2009.

He is leading a recovery from the Bush years: two wars (Mission Not Accomplished), trillion-dollar debts, collapsed economy, record unemployment, shrinking middle class, increasing poverty and losses in individual retirement accounts. The president has stopped the bleeding and slowly everything is recovering across the board. However, political warfare waged by Republicans and tea partyites in Congress was to block the president's programs so he wouldn't be re-elected.

The disloyal opposition wanted to regain power and refused to engage in real debate and compromise because they put party politics ahead of what needed to be done for America.

As for the future, the president and the Senate will continue to lead the recovery, especially unemployment. In Connecticut our labor department reports that there are lots of available technical jobs but too many of the unemployed need training for these jobs.

The future is in the middle of the political road.

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