Malala is a true international hero

Gotta love your Oct. 15 guest editorial, "Rallying around Malala," praising Malala Yousafzai's courageous defiance in Pakistan of a Taliban world where all women are wrapped in head-to-toe burqas literally keeping them in the dark....but not Malala.

This editorial honoring her commitment to equal rights while risking her life makes her a hero to us all, but I take exception to using this as justification to continue our military presence in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Two truths emerge from this indisputable tragedy with crystal-clear clarity: Absolutely: 1) These countries need help to achieve a balanced, peaceful sustainable society that provides opportunity for everyone. 2) The United Nations was established for this very reason and United States unilateral action while noble, is a fool's errand.

We are not the world's policeman and only invite trouble, mayhem and disdain from irrational miscreants that brings this country more harm and danger.

Sadly, we face the truth that the heaven/hell concept was invented because justice is so lacking in this real world. No justice, no peace - know justice, know peace.

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