Singing a sad tune of red state/blue state

Now that we all have had a nice cold drink of the Kool-Aid lets take a look at what's on the table.

Connecticut has been voted the worst state in the union for retirees. We have one of the largest tax burdens of any state in the union. New England, along with most blue states in the union are near financial collapse.

It's been four years since the president of "hope and change" took charge and we have had four years of mistakes and blaming President George Bush, for basically everything.

To top that off one of the presidents staffers is pledging to "get back" at those who are "not on board" with them? Chicago politics?

Maybe people should start looking at the business model and tax structure in the red states.

We could change the entitlements for not working that have become generational.

But I think the President wants us to be more like the European Union. Look how that's turned out, and I am not talking about Germany or Switzerland - more like Greece or Italy, perhaps.

Maybe the red states are an embarrassment to the president, he could let them go their own way? The question to ponder then:

Who would pay for the free-spending blues?

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