Nothing spiritual about Obama's victory

I find it offensive that Jerry Fischer would relegate 50 percent of us Americans to those who are not concerned about the hungry, the naked, the elderly, women, immigrants and homosexuals ("How come you Jews supported Obama?" published Nov. 10.)

The key words, that his people are socially responsible and progressive, are code words for socialism. I do not believe Judaism espouses socialism when we see Europe in the throes of chaos because of socialism.

It appears that Mr. Fischer has not understood the spiritual lessons that Israel learned during its exile from Egypt.

Simply put, for a people to vote for a man who espouses late-term abortions and throws Israel under the bus repeatedly does not lead us into the light of being obedient to God, but leads America into exile for 40 years in the desert.

No, 50 percent of Americans still espouse living in concert with the commandments of God.

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