Groton took good care of its pets

A group of Superstorm Sandy evacuees that have not been mentioned but are a very important part of evacuated families are their pets.

Fortunately for us in the Groton area, we have a very proactive Office of Emergency Preparedness, who with the help of GrotonCommunity Emergency Response Team and Groton animal control officers provided these pets with a safe, secure, warm place to stay where all of their needs were addressed.

The pets totaled 32 dogs, nine cats and one rabbit. They were housed at Fitch High School in an area away from human evacuees to prevent the risk of allergic reactions. Evacuees and their pets were later moved to the Groton Senior Center.

The animal control officers, who took care not only of the evacuated pets but also the animals residing at the animal control facility, and all of the volunteers should be recognized for their hard work and dedication. Great job!

There was room to spare so if you need more information regarding the evacuation of your pets check the Groton Animal Foundation's website Remember there is a federal law that requires every town have a plan for sheltering pets.

Editor's note: The writer is president of the Groton Animal Foundation.

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