Krauthammer's bum advice to GOP

The first Saturday after the national election, Charles Krauthammer's theme of "GOP way forward is staying the course," (Nov. 10), was offered to Republicans who might be in shock after the election results.

He urged them not to worry about most of the constituencies that they lost, but to concentrate on the Latino vote, and to use the word "amnesty" as the way to bring them into the very small tent that his party now owns.

Nowhere in his remarks is there any compassion or understanding for Latinos and other immigrant. Does he understand why they voted the Democratic ticket? I doubt it.

He counsels the party to speak more delicately about all controversial issues "with reflection and prudence," i.e. with a wink at what they truly believe. The end would justify the means.

Does he comprehend anything about why Latinos, women, gays, youth, and other immigrants went big time for President Obama? He doesn't get it.

In his lengthy article, the author reflects no knowledge of U.S. demographics or of the lost constituencies.

With his advice, the Republicans don't need outside enemies. They are within their own ranks. If they accept his advice, they will become an endangered species, and America needs two viable parties in sync with today's world.

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