Rear admiral visits New London school

New London - Rear Adm. Richard Breckenridge, commander of Submarine Group Two, discussed the importance of a strong foundation in science, technology, engineering and math with more than 80 students at Bennie Dover Jackson Middle School on Nov. 15.

"A world of opportunities are available to you and a lot of doors open if you pursue studies in STEM-related fields," said Breckenridge, who spoke for nearly two hours about his career in the Navy and the importance of math and science, especially in the submarine force.

Breckenridge asked students to answer questions related to target course and bearings, explaining that they should work out their minds "like we work out our bodies in gym class."

He was invited to speak through the daughter of a naval colleague and mentor, retired Rear Adm. Tony Watson, with whom he had served at the beginning of his naval career. Erica Watson is an eighth-grade science teacher at the school.

Watson said a few of her students have expressed interest in joining the Navy, in particular the submarine force. Watson and more than 60 students will visit the Naval Submarine Library and Museum today.


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