The sour-grapes extremist party

As I have read my morning Day I have seen several tirades by those who resent the re-election of the president and warn me that the socialists are coming to take my stuff.

The party of Lincoln, of which I was a member for many years, has become the party of old white guys and right-wing nuts. To identify why they lost the election is simple. The tea party crazies have hijacked the party and a reasonable candidate can't win a primary. If you refuse to bow to Norquist he will "primary" you. One needs only to look at the remarks of Akin to see the lack of logic in the Republican process. Romney had no base, but as right-wing as he was, he wasn't extreme enough for Ted Nugent and the rest of the lunatic fringe.

Watch what is going on post election. The party that lost has now embarked on secession and impeachment talks. Boehner can't control them. John McCain, an American hero who I have great respect for, now sounds like the crazy uncle locked in the cellar.

If we are going to ever have a two-party system the Republicans have to shed the extremists. The anti-minority, anti-worker, anti-union rhetoric failed. The election is over so get over it.

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