Make a Difference: Mother's Retreat

WHO: Krystal, a 27-year-old mother.

AGENCY: The Connection, Inc. Mother's Retreat, 542 Long Hill Road, Groton.

HER SITUATION: Krystal is a single parent. She and her family live in a New London residential program. To be more independent she is looking for full-time employment and safe housing. She has three sons ages one, eight and nine and is expecting her fourth son in January. Krystal has been homeless since she had her first child nine years ago and has moved from shelter to shelter. Since then she has achieved sobriety through the help of the staff at the Mother's Retreat and her parish at Born Again Church in Groton.

WHAT TO GIVE: Her children enjoy toys and games but need weather-appropriate clothing. Krystal and her family enjoy participating in community activities and would appreciate gift cards, movie tickets, bus tickets or gift cards to grocery stores. For her younger children, baby items of any sort would be greatly appreciated. Her 9-year-old wears size 10 shirts and size 8 pants, her 7-year-old wears size 8 shirts and size 7 pants and her 1-year-old is a size 24 months.

TO DONATE: Contact the Mother's Retreat at (860) 405-2107.


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