Waterford police stop man carrying 'a large amount of change'

Waterford — Police this morning stopped a man who they say had a large amount of change on him with no explanation of how he got it.

Around 4:27 a.m., police stopped a man near the intersection of Kenyon Road near Vauxhall Street Extension after officers saw something that led them to believe that someone might be taking items from cars in that neighborhood, Lt. Brett Mahoney said this afternoon.

“He was questioned on the side of the road and was eventually released. Police found that he had a large amount of change, more than you’d be walking around with,” he said.

Mahoney would not say how much change was found on the man.

The man, whose name police are not releasing, was arrested in Groton about two weeks ago for stealing change from cars, Mahoney said. He said since the man’s release, police have developed further leads on the case, but couldn’t discuss them.

He advised residents to always lock their cars.

Since the man was stopped by police this morning, Mahoney said the department has received one phone call about a car break in.

Police are asking residents to call the department if there is any suspicious activity or if their cars were recently broken into at (860) 442-9451.


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