Great initial impression of NL Public Schools

I just recently moved to New London from Miami, Fla. with my girlfriend and our three children. Because one of our children requires a special-ed program, they were placed at Winthrop Elementary. One of the reasons we left Miami was because we became frustrated with the Miami-Dade Public School system. The busing was inconvenient, the curriculum left much to be desired, and the amount of individual attention for students was utterly non-existent.

Within three days of our children attending Winthrop, we realized that we had made the right decision. Classrooms are equipped with computers and state-of-the-art technology. My son's third-grade classroom has a pet bearded-dragon, and the posters of John Lennon and Miles Davis on the walls made me smile.

The cafeteria reminds me of what you might find at Microsoft or Google headquarters. We are not only satisfied by the dedication, and knowledge of the staff, we are completely impressed.

From day one of enrollment to the conversations at Winthrop with Principal Wilson, the staff and all of the teachers, we are thrilled with the education and guidance our children will be receiving from the New London Public Schools.

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