Science adds wonder to God's creation

I was heartened to read Frank Cerabino's commentary, "Rubio seems confused by science and religion," (Nov. 24)

Our nation's tragedy of communication is that we create immovable objects when instead we could exchange reasoning and respect. The hard-line religious conservatives rarely concede that the way of science can also be the way of mystery and awe. For many of us our understanding of evolution, for example, opens our eyes to the miracle of billions and billions of stars, to the millions and millions of years of life on this marvelous planet, to the blessed inter connectedness of all living things, and lets us "hold hands with Eve" in a way that can be experienced lovingly and with gratitude. Someone said, "Oh, you must think the Bible nothing but myths." No, but the parts that I suspect are myths are at least as inspiring as if I took them literally. (Note the pope's new book.) It's a matter of taking the road, rather than climbing the sign-post. Science is no enemy of religion or of God. Broaden your meaning of "God" and it can encompass all we know, all we have discovered, and all we have yet to discover.

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