Scrambled Eggs

Scrambled eggs. That’s what they’re making. And, the Paul Ryans and John Boehners of this world would like it if the 99% would eat their scrambled eggs. Here’s what they’re dishing up. They’re trying to serve us a mixed up version of the TRUTH. The earned work credits – i.e., Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid that we paid for and have put in our “frig” for tomorrow are on the table. Even more sinister is their message that the “leftovers” from our years of labor are part of and should be used to pay the national debt! Entitlements – money earned and promised to receive? You bet! But, but…butter! The national debt must be paid! Yikes! The fox is in the chicken coop! To pay it, why not let the Bush tax cuts for the 1%, currently in the frying pan, slide into the fire? Why not put a small tax on all stock market purchases? Why not require that U.S. corporations in China pay their fair share? Why not reinstate the Glass-Steagall Act that President Clinton declared “was a law that is no longer appropriate.”? Why not? Here’s what Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal had to say in his letter to me…“Social Security does not contribute to the federal budget deficit. It currently holds reserves, and will remain fully funded until at least 2037, even with no modifications to eligibility or benefits. While we may need to make changes to the program to ensure its continued strength beyond 2037, I do not believe we should use the social security trust fund as a means to pay down the debt or reduce the deficit.”