Not convinced death was an act of suicide

I write in reference to the Nov. 20 article, "Medical examiner rules Ledyard woman's death suicide," regarding the untimely death of Tricia Beattie on July 28.

The Chief Medical Examiner ruled her death a suicide, asphyxia due to submersion. If this is the closure that her family and friends are expected to accept, there should be no stone left unturned before that conclusion is reached. She has a family and children and friends who love her and miss her and grieve for her.

Those of us who knew and loved her have so many questions remaining. It seems that "speculation" came into play of why her car was one place and her body was found miles away.

As someone who has known Tricia all of her life, people should know Tricia was feisty, strong-willed and fun-loving. In recent months, she would be excited to tell of the positive changes she was making in her life, always with a smile and a hug. She loved all four of her children and was making plans for the future. Tricia was full of life.

Suicide just makes no sense.

Someone out there knows something. Please come forward and help the family find answers.

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