His concern is what wasn't said

I read with interest Jerome Fischer's, "How come you Jews supported Obama," (Nov. 10).

What concerns me is not what Mr. Fischer said but what he didn't say.

Could he explain why President Obama was indifferent to Prime Minister Netanyahu during the second presidential campaign? Was it just good politics on President Obama's part? Why the strong reaction against Paul Ryan? Was it his econ omic positions or his pro-life stance?

To claim that in the last two elections Republicans were running against FDR, Eisenhower, JFK, LBJ, Carter and Clinton is somewhat of a stretch, without specificity. The throw away comment "and against Darwin" is just what it is, a throw away line of no substance. Did Mitt Romney or Paul Ryan ever discuss Darwinism in this election?

It would have been helpful if Mr. Fischer had stated compassion toward his co-religious who have difficulty accepting and having to pay for sterilization, abortifacient agents and some other reproductive items in the HHS Mandate. Wouldn't it be ecumenical if he, as a member of the Jewish community, although disagreeing with my Catholic view of reproductive morality, respect my conscience? I do not think it is either fair or just that I have to pay for Sandra Fluke's contraceptives.

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