The Day's Romney editorial showed lack of class

After reading the Nov. 23 editorial, "Please show some class, Mr. Romney," I was again confronted with the political left ungraciously taunting the right, but this time The Day had to add that Republicans need to "show some class."

Mr. Editor, it is you that needs to please show some class.

Class has been vacant in every written editorial about any wealthy candidate where The Day vomited hatred of successful men and women. These leftist opinions have managed to encompass every vile untruth about Republicans; such as them being racist, uncaring, liars, out of touch with real folks - even though many were self-made successful and generously kind people.

You and the rest of the lame media took goodness and tainted it, slanted it and savored their hatred by spreading what I think was the most disgusting display of bias and rhetoric used to gain the election of the media's favored candidate.

The media needs to remember almost half of America voted for Romney. Also the majority of governors are Republican who, unlike many Democratic governors, have often attained successful economic recovery.

If there is still negativity about President Obama it is because he deserves it for running this country into the ground. Just look around you. Don't you see empty storefronts, jobless people, and people in need, foreclosures, and more layoffs after the election, more division, and more debt? If you think otherwise then you were snared into the net by very clever crafters who used jealousy, falsehoods and false promises to catch your vote.

I pity you, Mr. Editor, because you lack generosity to acknowledge the goodness in others and anyone who opposes your view. That sir is a lack of class.

There are many Americans who care about Benghazi, the economy and social issues beyond birth control. Just because the election is over, it doesn't mean we've stopped loving our country or stopped defending what is right and good. If opposing Obama is considered by your view as being a sore loser well l, beg to differ. In this republic we are endowed with many rights. It is very amusing to me that we, the conservatives are considered the radicals of the day. To me, standing and protesting to defend the lives of babies is the biggest anomaly.

So when you and your newspaper call us sore losers, well, all I can say is, "Thank you." It means all of the Democrats will sit by the wayside for four more years and agree totally with whatever our president dishes out, be it right or wrong, but the result for you is that you get to witness the development of character and rebirth of the true America. More and more people are aware of the socialist agenda of this president. Four years of this health care debacle will surely cure many Obama worshipers of their adulation.

Our country will flourish again, we who love her know that and will always have true hope because we are American. History has shown many pioneers, settlers and immigrants looking for a better world, and they found America. Washington Democrats need to stop watering down America's accomplishments and traditions and serve the public, not enable and cripple it.

Be a gracious winner because generosity in spirit shows good character. Democrats are not the underdog any longer so the roles are reversed where now you can build your character and learn to tolerate our traditional values.

God Bless America.

Margaret S. Tebbets lives in the Pawcatuck section of Stonington.


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