Students Behind the Camera

Students in the Valley Regional High School Graphic Arts Department are once again applying their classroom learning to real-world projects. This time they are using their video production skills to film a television commercial for the local car dealership Grossman Chevrolet/Nissan in Old Saybrook.

Students use skills they have learned throughout their Introduction to Graphic Arts course to successfully plan, film, and edit their own 30-second commercial. On Nov. 28, students traveled to the dealership to film their commercials. They will start the editing process soon.

The best commercial, which will be chosen by Linda Grossman, the owner of Grossman Chevrolet/Nissan, will be used as a television advertisement for the car dealership for a year.

The students in next semester's Advanced Graphic Arts class will also complete this project, competing with this class for the prize of getting their commercial featured on television.


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