EPA recognizes Academy staff an faculty for environmental efforts

New London — The Department of Energy and Environmental Protection recognized staff and faculty at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy on Nov. 26 for their environmental efforts at a GreenCircle awards ceremony in Hartford.

Coast Guard Academy cadets and staff partnered with Connecticut Audubon, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Connecticut College and New London Magnet School to build 200 nesting boxes for the Roseate Tern, an endangered bird. Tropical Storm Irene destroyed 200 nesting boxes on Falkner Island.

The ground boxes are designed to protect eggs and young chicks from predators. Before the nesting boxes were used, approximately 30 percent of hatched tern chicks successfully fledged. With nesting boxes, the rate increased to 81 percent. The Department of Energy and Environmental Protection recognizes environmental achievements through the GreenCircle Award Program.



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