We're still battling, writes Republican reader

This letter concerns statements about how vanquished conservatives are searching for their future that were found throughout The Day's Opinion page Nov. 23, including the letter "Republicans have become irrelevant."

We are still on the battlefield, our opponents have not gained mastery with a 53 percent to 47 percent decision. We are not going anywhere. You do remember the last mid-term elections?

By the way, the president made a smart play by using his office to gain more voters to support him. I am talking about the forgiveness of college loan interest, free contraceptives, Obamacare, etc. A Republican president would have also used his office to win.

As far as the secession thing goes, no state has petitioned for secession. Various groups gained the required amount of signatures and sent them to Washington. I believe that petitions for secession have been filed in almost 50 of the states? The party of Lincoln stands for all people's rights and will prevail to keep this nation from becoming a second-class bankrupt citizen of the world.

Hard to believe Democrats won, really, with 80 percent of one page complaining about someone they have "vanquished."

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