Remember animal shelter on your holiday list

This will be an especially exciting Christmas for me.

The donations for the future new Waterford/East Lyme Animal Shelter are getting close to $100,000. This is a major milestone.

God Bless all the animal lovers who have unselfishly donated towards this wonderful cause.

When the new animal shelter is someday built, all these people will always know they were a part of this happening.

It won't happen without your continued generosity.

When I look at all the Christmas temptation gifts in the different stores, I always remind myself just how much the animals need the money instead.

Just last night, I spotted a really cute Christmas card, and I looked at the price: $4.99! I put the card down, and walked away. This is money I can give to the new shelter fund.

It all adds up.

Five dollars may seem insignificant, but if 2,000 people in the towns of Waterford and East Lyme donated $5 each, that would be $10,000 more towards getting the shelter built.

Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year to all my fellow animal lovers.

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