Read her lips, she loves Wheeler High!

Firstly, long live Wheeler High!

I was incorrectly identified/quoted in "Impassioned residents speak out on future of Wheeler High," (Nov. 29). I am not the woman at North Stonington's Board of Education meeting who favors closing Wheeler and who spoke of three students moving to attend schools with better options, teachers, and facilities.

On the contrary, I spoke adamantly in favor of keeping Wheeler High open! My husband and I chose to build our home in North Stonington because of the wonderful school system and sense of community. We now have two boys in the school system, and look forward to their Wheeler High graduations. It's an excellent school with fabulous teachers and class sizes that are conducive to learning. I am a teacher in a neighboring district and realize the upmost importance of education. The overwhelming support for keeping Wheeler High open for future generations was quite evident at the meeting.

As for finances, perhaps our town could revisit the option of attracting more businesses to offset our high taxes. North Stonington could still remain a rural community, but have more tax dollars to assist with the necessary upgrades needed to keep Wheeler, the hub of our community, open for our children.

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