Make a Difference: Mystic Area Shelter & Hospitality (MASH)

WHO: Kimberly, 32, single mother of three, at risk of homelessness.

AGENCY: Mystic Area Shelter & Hospitality (MASH), 119 High St., Mystic.

THEIR SITUATION: Kimberly works as a home health aide for elderly and ill clients in southeastern Connecticut. She has a wonderful heart and a giving spirit that she brings to her work. Her hourly wage is just above minimum, however, and she cannot afford to lose work hours. The high-mileage car she needs to get to her jobs has just stopped running, and she needs help to get a new used car. Kimberly is trying so hard to keep things stable, to pay the rent and keep her kids housed - she just needs some help to make sure she can get to work, said Marlynn Benker, MASH Social Worker. "She's very sweet, and provides such important service to her homebound clients who really need her TLC."

WHAT TO GIVE: Donations to MASH transportation fund.

TO DONATE: Contact MASH at (860) 245-0222 or at


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