Finizio taps executive assistant for State House lobbying job

New London — Zak Leavy, executive assistant to the mayor, will be appointed as the official lobbyist for the City of New London, Mayor Daryl Justin Finizio announced Tuesday.

Leavy will take on the new responsibilities while continuing his present job and without any additional salary, the mayor said in a press release. Finizio campaigned on a platform of hiring a lobbyist to represent New London in Hartford, but the position was not funded in the 2012-13 adopted budget.

“By appointing a City staffer, at no additional cost to taxpayers, to serve as our lobbyist adds an additional layer of support to the City’s efforts to secure assistance from the State in numerous areas,” the mayor stated in the release.

The release noted that Leavy worked as a lobbying intern in Hartford, having assisted in lobbying efforts for the state vocational technical schools.

“We are fortunate to be represented in Hartford by an excellent legislative delegation,” Finizio said. “In addition to our legislators’ strong advocacy, I will also personally be going to Hartford throughout the legislative session to advocate for the City’s interests during this difficult financial time for the State.”


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