'I am a person just like anyone else ...'

I am a 54-year-old woman who suffers from depression, OCD and anxiety. Many people who do not experience mental health issues cannot understand what pain I have experienced during my life. I am a person just like anyone else except for my mental health diagnosis. I enjoy my family, my children, and grandchildren. I can laugh and have fun even with depression at times. But sometimes the battle with depression interferes with these relationships. I have good and bad days.

The mental health system can be most insensitive to a person experiencing mental health problems due to the overwhelming bureaucratic obstacles.

I have experienced insensitivity in the community. I am, however, appreciative of Lawrence & Memorial Hospital's mental health program and their staff for their support.

Because of insurance deficiencies, our family struggles with paying high-price co-pays for medications and doctors. I still need to cope with the daily struggles of depression, while our Congress argues about a "fiscal cliff." The average citizen is left out of the picture.

Remember, we are people with hopes and dreams too. Society and our politicians need to re-examine their priorities, stop the finger pointing, and help all citizens, even those affected by mental illness.

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