Only The Shadow knows Bengazhi truth

Elderly readers may remember the popular mystery fiction radio show "The Shadow"of the 1935 era before TV.

We now have vivid non-fiction with all its tragic news and colorful surprises like the al-Qaida Benghazi murder of our ambassador and others.

In the old "Shadow" broadcast, the answer to the tragedy was always, " Only The Shadow Knows," which kept the often politically naive listener fascinated and waiting for an answer.

Now 82 years later we have a new murder mystery. Who knows the truth about the consulate bombing in Libya? Who is the 'Shadow' and what does he or she know, and was it known and kept from us?

This is serious business and has involved the head of the CIA, his girlfriend, FBI, heads of our intelligence committees and other VIPs.

Perhaps those demanding a full non-partisan investigation before any thought of nominating Susan Rice for the Secreetary of State position may be able to get at the truth.

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